Tips on hiring a contractor


The PCCA urges homeowners and property managers to use the resources of the PCCA and the California State License Board to research any contractors you are considering hiring.

IMPORTANT ALERT! All C-39 roofing contractors (whether or not they have employees) must carry workers’ compensation insurance or have a valid Certification of Self-Insurance on file with CSLB. This information is indicated when you review the status of a contractor’s license.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Preventing Mechanic’s Lien
What is a mechanic’s lien?  What happens when a lien is filed
against your property?  How can I protect myself?  Click to find the
answers and more.

A Consumers Guide to Home Improvement Contracts (pdf)
A contract is a legal agreement between two or more people.  A
written agreement is one of the most important communication tools
for both the contractor and the consumer.  It insures there are no

Homeowners Basic Construction Knowledge
Know the risks of being an Owner / Builder
What kind of Contractor do I need?
Swimming Pool Construction
How do I find the right licensed contractor?
What should I look for in a contract and binding agreements?
Do I need a building permit for my project?
What trades come first?

The Placer County Contractors Association urges you to research the CSLB License status and insurance requirements for any contractor you contact to work on your home or business.

References should be readily available, estimates should be detailed and clear, contractor should be easy to get in contact with.

You should never feel pressured to sign a contract you are not completely comfortable with and understand, and a good contractor will insist that you are both
comfortable and informed about the work he or she is going to perform.

Accept no verbal agreements, or vague estimates, the more detail that is in the bid the more confidence you have knowing they have looked at and considered all options
and problems.  It’s your property, be sure, be informed.

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